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I want to thank Daniel Dociu for the inspiration, the patient Shawn Sharp, John Corpening for his advice, Elisabeth Claire the trusty courier, Joshua Davis for his support and dedication, Josh Foreman for the insights, Rubi Bayer and Ramon Domke for their work, Regina Buenaobra for the nice meeting, Hugh Norfolk and Gaile Gray.

Special thanks to Anja Hellwig, Markus Kiesewetter, Wooden Potatoes, Deroir, MMOINKS, Guildnews, the GuildMag Team and last but not least the community of GW2 and GW1.

Hello, hello!
I'm Vasburg, 22 years old and a freelance concept artist from Germany. As a 12 year old I stumbled upon Guild Wars: Factions, and once I saw the loading screen of Kaineng something clicked and my decision to design for a living was set in stone. Call of Cantha is both a tribute to the old continent Cantha and the idea to push the boundaries beyond simple 2D illustrations.

I'm very passionate about games and also the owner of (a PvP guide site), I break the PvP sections of the Wiki every now and then and had the joy of working together with many other projects such as GuildMag, Chronicles of Tyria, Maiden's Whisper and Mistpedia. Sometimes I scream at video games (some people call it shoutcasting) with Jebro.

If you want to keep in touch, feel free to follow me on Twitter or shoot me a mail to evasburg (at), if you want to say hello or need a painting or two.

Feel free to use them for anything you want, as long as you mention that I painted them. I also attached a print package in case you want to get a physical copy. You are not allowed to sell the content.

GIF Pack or WEBM Pack
High Resolution Still Images